Demystify the Customer Journey

The fact that monitoring and improving customer experience is essential for boosting loyalty and ...


Konica Minolta and Qeep initiates collaboration to improve sales execution program

Konica Minolta is a publicly traded company, world leader within the business of industrial picture ...


Qeep initiates collaboration with Otometrics

Otometrics is a leading Danish company within hearing devices that operates in more than 80 ...


Nets chooses Qeep as supplier of Customer Journey program

Nets is the leading Nordic provider of electronic payment forms. The business is in rapid development and users are looking for the solutions that matches their business the best. In this regard, Nets is collaborating with Qeep to establish a strong commercial excellence plan in order to target customers in the most optimal way. This will contribute to improving the commercial and sales execution program and ensure that Nets continues as a leading company within its field.

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